Entdecken Sie traditionelles Schuhhandwerk

shore care products

In order to maintain your Hennis shoes in the long term, you will receive these care products free of charge.

But what is it that distinguishes these products?


With these elegant shoe trees made of beech wood you actively contribute to the care. The shoe tree automatically adjusts to the length and width of your Hennis shoes and ensures that the leather is always kept taut when not in use. Thus the typical creases are reduced to a minimum and the shape of the shoe is maintained. Some of the moisture is also removed from the leather, which increases its durability.

- Optimal heel cap shape
- Ideal drying and air circulation
- Elegant finish

Shoe grease and brush:

This is a shoe grease from the traditional Siegol brand, which consists exclusively of natural raw materials and is also handmade. The leather grease contains natural oils such as Juchten and birch oils. This composition keeps the leather soft and supple and thus offers an increased service life.
In order to be able to apply the grease accordingly, an additional frame brush, which is also made of beech wood, is included in the delivery. Provided with its horsehair, the brush is ideally suited for cleaning the shoes.

- Natural ingredients
- High quality human hair brush
- Easy to use

Shoe bag:

In order to protect and better store your shoes, in addition to the new model we supply you with a shoe bag made of 100% certified organic cotton. Its inner central web separates the shoes ideally from each other, so that slipping can be avoided.
The shoe bag is your ideal companion when travelling. You can keep your Hennis-shoes well protected on the road. In this way you actively contribute to the longevity of the shoes and ensure a lasting elegant look.

-Ideal companion when travelling
-Sustainable cotton
-Integrated centre bar