Entdecken Sie traditionelles Schuhhandwerk

Special manufacture

What makes the design of the Made in Germany model so special and what do you as a customer get out of it?

The "statement" model uses a last which has an integrated footbed. The foot bedding is incorporated into the last.
The insole is formed after the last and rolled up in the longitudinal arch of the foot.
The heel is worked into the last as a ball heel and thus takes up the heel of the shoe wearer over the entire surface. This results in an even weight distribution of the heel in the shoe, making soft padding superfluous. The padding is taken over by the Poro midsole.
A further advantage is that the insole can better absorb and transport moisture from the foot. A toe cap is worked into the heel area between the lining and upper leather.
This goes in the longitudinal arch of the foot almost up to the ball of the foot and supports the foot in the longitudinal arch with the high-rolled insole. On the outside of the foot, the insole also extends very far towards the outer ball of the foot.
This type of insole is very advantageous for shoe wearers with an arched or flat splay foot. The foot is kept straight and supported like in a "shell". In the middle of the foot in the transversal arch a light pad is worked in which supports the transversal arch of the foot.

Due to our complex and professional construction of the shoe, an optimal posture in the shoe is achieved without "buckling" inside or outside.

A repair is also possible several times. Thus a long use of the shoe is guaranteed.