Entdecken Sie traditionelles Schuhhandwerk

The Beginning

While learning the carpentry trade, product sustainability and value-added processing were at the forefront of my mind leading me to think of creative ways to implement these practices into the apparel industry. Thus, the innovative and efficient use of re-usable material became the inspiration for my product; world class footwear that makes a statement

What is our statement?

Hennis footwear personifies ethics, morality and attitude

How do we deliver on this statement?


Our company focuses on product sustainability and stands in opposition to resource consumption and waste production


We engage in “eco-sensible” production methods that reduce climate change and the coinciding adverse environmental and socio-economic consequences


We want to increase customer value awareness and encourage environmentally conscious thought via your personal footprint

Why is our footwear unique?

  • We use German, vegetable tanned (chrome-free) leather which is subject to extraordinary tannery requirements and very strict environmental production standards. Vegetable tanning is the oldest and most intricate organic method for tanning leather; relying on natural vegetable tannins from bark or other plant tissues. This is a very time-consuming, rare, pollutant free process for tanning shoe leather
  • By using discarded tires we “up-cycle”, which is reusing waste without destroying it to make something new. This is more energy efficient than recycling which breaks down waste to form something new
  • No matter how old or “tired” your shoe becomes, we will repair it

What is your footprint?

Take a step in the right direction and purchase Hennis, a shoe with a “soul"