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Hennis Shoes

3 Jahre Garantie aus voller Überzeugung zu traditionellem Schuhhandwerk und Qualität

Why Hennis shoes?

Made in Germany

Discover now who is making your next shoes and what values you will be wearing.

Handwerk - Upcycling - Made in Germany

Unter diesen Produktmerkmalen produzieren wir Schuhe auf einem hohem Niveau. Hergestellt für langanhaltende Freude.

Exceptional materials

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Soles made of tire tread

The Hennis Shoe sole is made of worn tires through an upcycling process. This results in a two fold benefit; precious resources are spared and the sole is particularly wear resistant with excellent traction.


Because Hennis Shoes stand for sustainability, we offer our customers an easy to use repair service. This not only ensures longevity, but speaks to the quality of our product.


The Hennis Shoe is hand-crafted in Portugal creating a unique appearance which is unlike the look of shoes that are mass produced. As a result, we are maintaining the legacy of local craftsmanship through the creation of jobs.

german leather

For the production of Hennis shoes we use leather from southern Germany, which is produced in certified tanneries in Germany. No harmful chrome substances are used in the processing of the material.

Further presence around Hennis Shoes and their philosophy

A look behind the scenes of Hennis Shoes

That’s How Hennis Shoes came to be.

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Hennis Shoes guest appearance on a local TV station

What motivates Hendrik Kaltwasser and why is the shoe so special?

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