Entdecken Sie traditionelles Schuhhandwerk

About us

We are a company in the footwear industry. Our products stand for ethics, morality and attitude. In order to offer such products, we rely on exceptional and traditional raw materials and production conditions.

The unrelenting growth of the world’s population creates an imbalance between the earth’s resources and the insatiable need for resource consumption. Global climate change, non-biodegradable waste and lack of product sustainability are the biggest problems of our time. The loss of core values such as ethics, morals and a code of behavior, describe the atmosphere we live in. The merciless pursuit of profit maximization and unfettered growth leads to “cheap mania”, which is man’s decadent desire to capitalize on low-cost products without questioning the adverse consequences to nature. Those indulgently purchasing products with a conspicuously low price are oblivious to the higher price that is ultimately paid by: the human being that toils away in deplorable factory conditions; the animal that is used for painful product testing and the waterways and landscapes inexorably polluted.

We believe in something different; sustainability via ecologically and economically sensible production methods; high resource efficiency that extends the economic life cycle and creates quality products. Compared to the cost of many mass produced shoes, the cost of the Hennis shoe is greater because they are handcrafted using German leather tanned via a complex, organic method. The irony however, is that because of the fine workmanship, extraordinary material used and reparability, the Hennis shoe will still be in one’s closet whilst many others will have come and gone, thus really making Hennis the lower cost shoe. This mindset of sustainability and avoidance of resource consumption is what we embody in our shoe. The change in attitude about our future will spur us to master the global problems of our time, leaving a legacy for our descendants that all can be proud of.

Wearing Hennis shoes will reflect this message in your personal footprint.