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How to clean your shoes in 5 easy steps.

Our goal is to produce shoes whose quality is at the highest level. To achieve this, we only use first-class materials and have the new model manufactured by hand in Germany.
To ensure that the longevity is not lost, you must actively contribute to the care. For this purpose we would like to give you instructions to make cleaning the shoes easier:

1. Before every care you should insert the supplied shoe trees into the shoe. Only when the leather is under "tension" will the grease be able to penetrate each individual pore. This also helps to keep the shoe in shape.

2. After you have inserted the shoe trees, you should clean your shoe. It is important to remove the coarse dirt from the leather. You should use a brush or a cotton cloth for this purpose. The brush should not be too hard, otherwise the leather could scratch. If you use a cloth, it should only be slightly moistened. The aim is not to soak the shoe, but to remove dirt and residues.

3. Afterwards the shoe grease is applied. Here the provided brush and the Juchtenfett are used. It is important to apply a thin and even layer of the grease to the shoe in circular movements. Please do not proceed according to the motto "A lot helps a lot", as this can lead to re-greasing which closes the pores. A thin layer is completely sufficient.

4. After you have allowed the grease to soak in for about 10 minutes, you can now carefully wipe off the residue with a soft cloth. Please use preferably a cotton cloth or a soft brush.

5. Leave the shoe trees in the shoe even after cleaning. This keeps the leather permanently taut and prevents unsightly creases. If you use the shoe tree after every use, clean and grease your shoe regularly and store your tennis in the shoe bag provided, the leather will keep its elegant look and stay in shape.

We recommend cleaning and greasing your shoes every three to four weeks. If you are unsure or have any questions, feel free to contact us at support@Hennis-shoes.com.